Foodie At Heart

I love eating and visiting restaurants. I wish it was a side hustile to go and eat wherever I wanted. Besides my eating obession I cook on the side, it's favorite hobby. I apply cooking and business knowledge to my advantage at home. Usally people go to the grocery store and spend an insane amount of money on ready-to-go meals, frozen food or eat out because they can't cook. Most of the time these foods aren't that healthy as marketed or straight up garbage. It's whatever, though. Cooking is fun and easy! First step of becoming a good cook is to start with a recipe you know. Start adding things to enhance the flavor or start by only using fresh ingredients.

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Recipes & Techniques

I like making recipes that have high versatility and yield. I know how to create a menu, if you're hosting a dinner party. I also like to post about beer, cocktails, and wines to pair to with meals. I have insight of what restaurnant owners and chefs are doing in there kitchens to make the most out of there products. What brands to buy and what to avoid. I'll show you how to make stocks, broths, sauces, salsa, and aiolis to add to any entrees.I'll give you list of blogs, videos and websites to look to fine varity of recipes.What to buy from Amazon, Webstaurant and other outlets.

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Favorite Foodie Video

Favorite Youtube Cooking Channel

I like watching cooking videos on Youtube. I think alot of my inspiration is from Cooking with Babish. I think his channel is one of the best on Youtube. He does his cooking show based on teaching the basics and cooking recipes from TV shows and movies. I also like watching Action Bronson's show on Viceland. F**K That's Delicious. Another good person to watch is Brad Leone from Bon Appetit's "It's Alive.

Check out my recipes on my Wordpress blog. and these other amazing blogs.