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Good Sources for Music

So nowadays, there is too many outlets to find music. Too many of them have algothrims that don't give the results you want to hear. I like Soundcloud, music blogs and low-profile artists youtube channels to find newest & the least watered-down music. They're are so many changes in the music platforms that don't give you access to many under-the-rader artists. Good music is always under our noses but finding these artist is the key to happiness. I mostly listen to house,rap, altenative rock and indie pop.

Deep House Playlist via Soundcloud Trap Hip-Hop Playlist via Soundcloud Chill Pop Playlist via Soundcloud

Top 3 Favorite Artists Currently by Genre

Genre Hip Hop/ Rap House Indie Pop/ Rock
1Kanye West AmtracClario
2 Pusha T Hot Since 82The Japenese House
3 Tyler the Creator Lane 8Gus Dapperton

Check out Pitchfork or Dazed for new artist making waves in the scene. There are so many Youtube pages to look out for fresh finds. Here's a list of a few.

I love to dance! Music is the answer to all my problems. I can sit down and jam out forever. I enjoy all types of music. I can always find new music and fall in love all over again. That's the beauty of music. A song can last in your memory forever. Some songs have specific memory attached to them. I can remember where I was when I first heard a song.

Music festivals are awesome. I have been to many shows. I am a concert chaser. The best show I've been to was Flume at the Revention Center in Houston. I like concerts more than festivals now, because you know everyone there is a huge fan of the artist. Relationships with the artist matter to me. Superfiscal fans annoy me because they're only in the show, so they can post it on Snapchat.