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Hi, My name's Reynaldo Banuelos, 24 years old, and I'm currently a student at Texas State University - San Marcos. I graduate this upcoming May. I am excited to be done with school. I had a lot fun throughout. I am a little older than the avearge graduate because I took some time off after my thrid year to decide whether college was right for me. I am proactive now to finish and get started in the professional world. I am a advid music listener. I hope to do artist managenment for C3 Presents, Superfly, or Redlight Management. Right now I am undecided whether to pursue that career in New York, Los Angeles or Austin, Texas.


I like to go adventure I do enjoy eating & drinking. My budget is low, so I haven't been able to part take in going out to travel as much as I use to. I'm always down for a good adventure with the right people. I like to go out with people who can have fun but do it responbilly and maturely. Right now most of my closest friends live in big cities with big boy/girl job, so I haven't been able to go out with the right crowd in San Marcos.

I love to cook, I have a page about it. I am a foodie, so I know a few spots or two!


I do like to adventure. I have only been to one country outside the United States. That happens to be Mexico. That's where my family is from. However, I have travelled throughout the states. I've been to Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming. I hope to visit the Southeast region on a barbaque tour after I graduate. I will be traveling cities like Nashville, Ashville, Charleston, and Atlanta for great food.

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